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Property insurance rating experts

An unbiased resource to help insurers maintain compliance with state filings


About us

The Washington Insurance Examining Bureau, Inc. (WIEB) is a non-profit, public service organization licensed by the Washington Office of the Insurance Commissioner and established in accordance with the Washington Insurance Code. Since 1906, WIEB has benefited and served insurance companies, consumers and regulators in the state of Washington.

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Our services

WIEB provides insurers and regulators with expert analyses of the insurance rating process to support a compliant insurance marketplace. We audit documents and calculations relating to actual property insurance policies written in Washington to verify insurers’ adherence to its filed and approved rates, rules and forms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has WIEB been in operation?

WIEB was established in 1906 by the Washington State Legislature as a non-profit, public service organization and has been in continuous operation since then.

How are WIEB’s services funded?

WIEB obtains its funding primarily from all licensed insurers that write property insurance in Washington. An annual assessment is calculated for each insurer based on its total written premium for all property lines of business.


Why was my company selected for examination?

Our goal is to audit insurance policies from each insurer every 3-5 years. Sometimes that rotational cycle may be shorter or longer for various reasons, such as the types of policies we are seeking or the complexity of these policies.

What lines of business does WIEB examine?

The most common types of policies we examine are Homeowners, Dwelling, Farm, Commercial Property, Commercial Package, Businessowners and Earthquake.

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